Step 1 : please fill this form ad read before step 2.

Information & warnings

Subscription process

Step 1 : Fill up this form

Step 2 : Choose your plan and options, then go to PAYPAL site to confirm your subscription

Step 3 : you will receive (email or international delivery service) your connection info and your pre-configured BOXpat router.

Step 4 : 5 min to unbox our router and plug it. You are done : watch tv and call your friends!

We may ask you to prove a physical address in Europe

With BOXpat, you can surf the web as if you were still in Europe, and use a legal phone number from your country on your smartphone, anywhere in the world.

Depending on your country, you have to respect telecom regulation rules as well as copyright contracts between tv channels and producers. Because some of the services we offer are only limited to certain countries, we want you to be protected by proving that you could use these services if home. BOXpat is only a mean of being “like at home”.

BOXpat is a web hosting supplier and we cannot be pursuit for your own usage. BOXpat is absolutely not an illegal streaming /P2P platform. We do not host any content.

Why don’t we offer streaming content ?

Many websites or app, free or not, make you access to a database of content with streaming technologies. Our device : move on.

Infringement. Not only those platforms are illegal regarding copyright and the law, but also, as a user, you could be reproached to take part to such forgeries (it is a crime). Moreover this kind of website is dangerous for you : often online for only a few months whereas you pay for 1-year. Don’t be stupid, technical infrastructure to provide quality streaming is very expensive (Netflix).  Don’t let your family be trapped or attacked on the web because of what they do.

With BOXpat all your family activity on the web remain legal and protected. No virus, malware, spyware, porn-adds, IP attacks, password pishing, etc.).

You can change your mind

Always. Of course.

You can cancel your subscription as soon as you want to. Payments are monthly, no 1-year commitment.

telephony limitations

Calls to included destination are free as long as you don’t call more that 100 peope in the same month and with a limit of 1 hour per call. Above, standard tariffs applies. Non included calls can be blocked. They are invoiced separately.